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Mac Book vs. The Rest

21 Apr

Everytime someone considers to buy a new laptop nowadays, one of the most important questions during the process of selection is:

Mac or PC ?

Here’s a small hint in form of a direct comparison between a 17″ Mac Book Pro from the Apple Store (starting at $2,500) and a 17.3″ ASUS Notebook from another store ($1,849):

Table - Mac vs ASUS

For those of you who want to compare for themselves – here are the links to the reviewed products:

Mac Book: Apple Online Store

ASUS: NewEgg Consumer Electronics Online Store

Of course, we forgot about a couple of things for a direct comparison. For instance, take the awesome design that comes with all the Apple products – it is still breathtaking. Others would argue that the Mac OSX is worth the price difference of $650. After all, Mac Books are by far not an easy prey for Viruses, Trojans and other Malware while the common Windows user spends at least an annual $50 on internet security software.

Others again might argue that product warranty is an important factor – in fact, the components in these laptops are highly sensitive electronic devices and could easily break. And Apple provides only one year of warranty on all of its products whereas you can get a two-year warranty from a lot other manufacturers for consumer electronics.

It is really a question of purpose, which model and equipment to take. Unfortunately a little more demanding than the simple question “Function or Fashion?”